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Speak to your dog in simple, one or two word commands.  He will learn early that a word means an action from him.  If he complies he will get a reward (good dog and pat) not treats.

There is no need to say his name, he knows who he is, just the command.  Post this list on your refrigerator so the family can be consistent.

 - HERE OR COME:  to join you

 - SIT:  put your bottom on the ground, hold still and look at me

 - STAY:  to hold the position (regardless of what I do)

 - OFF:  get off me, the couch, the children

 - DOWN:  Lay down

 - LEAVE IT:  Do not go towards, do not pick it up or investigate

 - DROP:  Let go from your mouth

 - GO POTTY:  Urinate or poop when, where I say

 - WATCH:  Look at my hands for direction

 - BACK:  Move further away from me

 - FETCH IT UP:  Retrieve and bring back to me

 - KENNEL UP:  Get into the car, kennel crate or bed

 - HEEL:  Stay at my left side

 - NO:  FREEZE! Then look to me for further direction

 - GOOD DOG:  Yes and thank you

Commands should be given in a firm voice with NO other conversation. A verbal command along with a physical command works twice as good.

When a command IS given know in your mind your dog WILL do it, and that you will DO what it takes to win.

The secret is to be FAIR, FIRM, and Consistent.