CONGRATULATIONS on your new puppy!!

This note is to help you with often asked questions, hope it helps!

​HOUSING:  Puppies are brand new infants, they need to be warm and loved continuously.  Before the pup goes home, “puppy proof” his surroundings.  If it can be eaten IT WILL BE, so pick up things that could be harmful if swallowed.  Watch electrical cords.  Provide a kennel crate for sleeping…and time outs when YOU need a break.  Don’t let him out when he is crying unless he has slept awhile and woke up.  Then it’s outside to GO POTTY.

 Decide on the terms or commands, your whole family will use when talking to this youngster.  “Here” or “Come”, “No”, “Good Dog”, “Leave it”, “Fetch”, “Off”, not down, when he jumps on you. “Down” is for lay down.  Stay, sit, quiet, or stop that noise works.  Whatever you decide; consistency is the key.

HEALTH: Look at his poop.  This will tell you a lot about how he is feeling.  Stools should be firm, not leave a stain when you pick it up with a tissue, should he make an accident while in the house. Watch for runny poop or diarrhea, especially with blood in the stool.  He should see the vet if this occurs.  ALWAYS take the pups temperature before you call the vet as that is the first question he will ask.  The pups normal temperature is 101.  Use a rectal thermometer and press it down so it touches a side wall, not straight in.  The puppies nose might run some, but generally this is a way of cooling himself as he doesn’t pant yet or sweat.

FEEDING: Please use Purina Puppy Chow.  If you do decide to change food, do it slowly, ½ and ½ at first.  Feed ½ cup 3 times daily to begin with.  Puppies need lots of fresh water, too.  Dishes should be stainless steel with wider bottom than top so he can’t dump it over.  Plastic bowls are fun to chew.  Cut food and water off 2 hours before bedtime.  DO NOT LEAVE food out for free-will eating, it is too hard to potty train this way.  If puppy leaves some food in dish after eating, pick it up.  Feed less until he eats all his food before leaving the bowl.  Do not feed your puppy during the night.  He will learn to eat at that time.  Keep his eating schedule as consistent as possible. 

TREATS: Use small dog biscuits ONLY.  NO PEOPLE FOOD FOR TREATS!!!!  Put the pup in the crate while you have your meal.  This will teach him not to beg.

TOYS:  Do not give your puppy a pig’s ear, this teaches him to chew leather! Give him anything he can’t swallow, or that will break into small pieces.  I give small “gumabones”, they are soft to chew but no pieces come off.

NAPS:  Your puppy will sleep a lot, sometimes will get over-tired as everything is fun.  If he falls asleep, quiety put him in his crate.  When he is winey for no apparent reason, he needs a nap, in his crate! Provide a towel or something soft to sleep on, but if he chews it, remove the item.  The plastic of the kennel is fine to sleep on.  Turn the box over, with windows on the downside, while he is small.  This lets in more ventilation and allows the pup to see out better.

If you have questions I haven’t answered, please contact me, anytime.

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